Under the Domim Tree
Under the Domim Tree
(Israele) Under the Domim Tree


Aviya is the only Israeli-born girl among her schoolmates (the rest are Holocaust survivors from various European countries) in a boarding school in Israel, circa 1953. The public debate on the issue of accepting German reparations for Nazi atrocities awakens the dormant individual memories of each of the youths, and creates sharp conflicts which influence their coming-of-age, with its fears, dreams, problems of identity, and first love. Aviya determined to find the tomb of her father, who died before she was born, while her mother in the mental hospital refuses to recall her painful past


  • Titolo / Under the Domim Tree
  • Titolo Originale / Under the Domim Tree
  • Uscita Originale / 17.05.1996
  • Uscita USA / 17.05.1996
  • Durata / 102
  • Produzione / H.S.A.
  • Genere / Drammatico