I'm Not Rappaport
I'm Not Rappaport
(USA) I'm Not Rappaport


Old Nat Moyer is a talker, a philosopher, and a troublemaker with a fanciful imagination. His companion is Midge Carter, who is half-blind, but still the super of an apartment house. When he is threatened with retirement, Nat battles on his behalf. Nat also takes on his daughter, a drug dealer, and a mugger in this appealing version of a really 'odd couple'


  • Titolo / I'm Not Rappaport
  • Titolo Originale / I'm Not Rappaport
  • Uscita Originale / 24.12.1996
  • Uscita USA / 24.12.1996
  • Durata / 135
  • Produzione / GreeneStreet Films
  • Genere / Commedia