Paperback Romance
Paperback Romance
If she can hide her past, and he can hide his present, they just might have a future.
(Australia) Paperback Romance


Sophie, a writer of racy romance novels, is working on one of her stories in the library, when Eddie overhears her. Sophie, embarrassed by her paralyzed leg from childhood polio, spurns his advances, but when Sophie breaks her leg, she has the perfect way of hiding her disability from Eddie. As Sophie struggles to win over Eddie and hide her disability, Eddie's jealous fiance and a police officer investigating a jewel heist threaten their relationship


  • Titolo / Paperback Romance
  • Titolo Originale / Paperback Romance
  • Uscita Originale / 15.08.1997
  • Uscita USA / 15.08.1997
  • Durata / 94
  • Produzione / Australian Film Finance Corporation (AFFC)
  • Genere / Commedia Romantica