Beyond Silence
Beyond Silence
Über das Leben, die Liebe und den Klang des Schnees.
(Germania) Beyond Silence


Since the earliest days in her childhood Lara has had a difficult but important task. Both her parents are deaf-mute and Lara has to translate from sign-language to the spoken word and vice versa when her parents want to communicate with other people. Getting older and more mature she becomes interested in music and starts to play clarinet very successfully. However her parents are deaf, they cannot share Lara's musical career. The day comes when Lara has to decide between her parents and her own ambitions


  • Titolo / Beyond Silence
  • Titolo Originale / Beyond Silence
  • Uscita Originale / 05.06.1998
  • Uscita USA / 05.06.1998
  • Durata / 109
  • Produzione / arte
  • Genere / Drammatico, musicale